Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Having rocked the show and the afterparty at Oslo’s Club Blå on their debut European excursion this past Easter weekend, Huntsville’s leading lights, G-Side, jumped in the studio with Norwegian singer Chris Lee and just poured their souls onto this beautiful composition from Norwegian production team the Basmo Family. This track is simply incredible. And who better to encapsulate the feeling inside that studio and the song’s representation of the culmination of a decade’s work than the heart and soul of the sounds you hear from Slow Motion Soundz, CP of the mighty mighty Block Beattaz:

“It was an honour working with the Basmo team, and especially working with Chris Lee to create a visual time marker for our first international trip. The track completely encompassed what we were feeling internally after accomplishing our most significant goal to date. Not only did we reach the milestone, we were able to share the moment with those directly responsible for allowing them to become reality. To my international fam, Rob Pursey, Davey Boy Smith, DJ Giraffo, Juice Mane Hugo, J Dirrt, Chris Quality and 30 Pack…Selah.”

Chris Lee had this to say about the session with G-Side, CP of the Block Beattaz and the Basmo Family at Oslo Records studios:

“It was great experience from the get go. You could tell that everybody in that room were there to make a great song, so that was a very good start. And then Basmo Family played us this incredible beat and then I knew it was going to be something special.

Watching CP mixing and producing the vocals was awesome. His whole being and persona was screaming that he loves music with all his heart and it’s always incredible to work with people like that. And it doesn’t hurt that dude is a genius either, which I already knew from listening to his beats.”