Saturday, February 27, 2010



What was your game plan after that situation was over?
After the deal got fucked up, I came back to Alabama, to the streets. I knew Rick Rock from Alabama – he was originally from the Bay Area but we both had family in Alabama. We knew each other before he had blew up in the production game. So I went out there and tried to make somethin’ happen. But you know, every situation ain’t the right situation. When you tryin’ to fit in to someone else’s program, but at the same time, you patiently waitin’ to do yo thang, then your success is basically depending upon if these people pop off or not. When The Federation’s success wasn’t what the label expected, they got dropped from they situation, which domino affects everything else.

So you quit the game for a minute?
I ain’t have no plan – my plan was to go back to where I started, back to the block. I had said fuck the music thang for a minute after that. I came back down south and kinda reinvented myself and that’s what we got today. >>>>>
You’ve been putting out a lot of mixtapes and collaborations. What are you trying to achieve with your music now?
First of all, I’m trying to put out quality street music – some shit that ain’t too ignorant, but at the same time, a nigga is tellin’ a story. When you dealin’ wit’ the streets, some of us is talkin’ from a third party experience, and then you got niggas that’s talkin’ from they life. I happen to be one of them niggas that’s talkin’ from my life experiences. I’m not talkin’ about what my big brother did – even though my big brother was a muthafucka too. I’m tryin’ to bring to the game the story that ain’t really been told – as far as Alabama is concerned.


They been hatin on my bwoy JC..but we got ya back potna!!!