Tuesday, June 5, 2012

GMane ft ST "Money Machine" review in SPIN Mag

G-Mane feat. ST 2 Lettaz "Money Machine"............ The honeyed beat from Dave Luxe with G-Side's ST doing his best Max Julien impression and shouting-out 8Ball & MJG's "Break-A-Bitch College" should give you enough of a warning: This song is the latest in a long line of stone-cold, smoothed-out, pimp-talk rhymes. But nothing's ever that simple for Florence, Alabama's G-Mane, a sort of Bun B and Nate Dogg and Ice Cube all rolled into one (he's really a contemporary of all three, yet a nostalgia act if only for the reason that he refuses to adjust his style and knows how the Internet works). And so, right in the middle of "Money Machine" is Arthur Jensen's classic monologue from Network ("You are an old man who thinks in nations and peoples..."), halting the blazed-on-the-highway swerve, reminding you that our lives are dominated by evil corporations, and tying entry-level pimpin' to a world out of control with exploitation and abuse. ST goes in on this one, but it's G-Mane's laconic wisdom that keeps the song from being just one more pimp-slap rap: "I'm what they fear, America's nightmare / Black and educated with a little money to spare / Yeah, I know they don't like it, but I don't care / They can kiss my Gucci underwear."


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Zilla Sh!t 2

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Late Nite Ridin Musik 2

the new new from ya potna GMANE and producer Dave Luxe "LATE NITE RIDIN MUSIK 2" LINK... Photobucket Photobucket